About Us

Pho Real Littleton is not just another Pho Vietnamese restaurant you have been to, it is what a Pho Vietnamese restaurant should be.

Since 1949, Pho Real Littleton is where Vietnamese can get a taste of what they’ve been missing from home and the Littleton community can try traditional dishes that they haven’t likely seen before, especially “Pho”. Using time-honored classic techniques and taking many hours to prepare – it’s this preparation that’s key to our stock retaining all its goodness and developing its subtle and distinctive taste.

To celebrate authentic and regional Vietnamese food, we also design a stunning menu laden with seasonal and well-sourced ingredients. From noodle bowl, fried rice to vegetarian selections, and amazing house-made desserts, we will surely give you the most exclusive dining experience with a difference.

Stop by our restaurant and experience a whole new world of tasty combinations.